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At Massage parlour West-Flanders we have a team of professionally trained and qualified Thai massage therapists who are dedicated to giving very relaxing massage treatments.


Need to relax and take a break from daily stress? Just dream away in a relaxing environment? 

That is possible at Massage parlour West-Flanders

ATTENTION : Absolutely NO EROTIC !!!!

We welcome everyone

For a Thai massage we welcome you at Massage parlour West-Flanders

A relaxing massage by Massage parlour West-Flanders stimulates the pressure points in your body. This releases your life energy. Traditionally, this massage was given to the men and women who worked in the Thai countryside. It is a firm massage, which focuses on resolving specific complaints as effectively as possible. 


Enjoy THE nine turn card from Massage parlour West-Flanders !!!

When filling nine stamps, the tenth will get you a FREE massage worth 60 minutes!

(Can be combined with other massages possible)

Thaise massage Brugge


Hot Stone Massage.
Traditional Thai Massage.
Thai Classic Oil Massage.
Thai Anti Stress Massage.
Thai Herb Compress Massage.
Thai foot massage
Thai Delight Massage
Thai Aroma Massage

At Suriyos Salon, we strive to give you the best Thai massage.

Massage is one of the oldest healing methods. Chinese texts more than 3000 years old already describe its beneficial effects. A massage of Massage parlour West-Flanders can be compared with the maintenance of a car. Without maintenance the car can no longer run after a short time. Your body also needs maintenance to keep your muscles flexible and free of complaints. Especially if you already have complaints it is advisable to have your body massaged regularly. Then you will feel good in your skin. After all, that’s what life is all about.

Suriyo’s Massage parlour West-Flanders is a Thai massage parlor. From a firm traditional Thai massage, a muscle massage with Thai herbal oils, a relaxing aroma massage with warm coconut oil to a shoulder and neck massage: at Suriyo’s Massage parlour West-Flanders you can go for a wide range of massages to reduce stress, relieve (muscular) pain, fight fatigue and/or to release physical and emotional blockages.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our salon in Bruges!